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Mardi Gras

Two years ago, I experienced my first real life New Orleans Mardi Gras. I couldn’t have been happier. I loved the whole spirit of an entire city celebrating. The parades were crazy, constant and so much fun. You would have thought I won a million dollars at my excitement of […]

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Valentines Day

So let’s just be clear…I am single. I have no significant other to buy me presents or plan a romantic evening for me. Do I care? Not so much. Every year (that we are not travelling) we invite all our single friends over for a festive semi pot luck dinner. […]

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Christmas Season is here!

Our house has a few traditions that revolve around our Christmas tree. The first is that everywhere we travel and every major event or place we go, we try to find a special tree ornament as a souvenir. It’s nice to unwrap the old and new ornaments and remember our […]


New Year New Hip

It has been a while since my last blog!! I underwent a hip replacement surgery just before the holidays and have been busy recovering. It hasn’t been an easy process but I think I am finally ready to get back to a new normal. Over the process of recovery so […]

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Thanksgiving in Japan

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I would be travelling for Thanksgiving.  We decided to celebrate this year in Japan.  We spent most of our time in Tokyo and about 24 hours in Kyoto.  We had a fantastic time.  Japan is so different from anywhere else I […]


Fall Harvest

The last several years, I have travelled over the Thanksgiving holiday. This year is no exception. We will spend the week in Japan. Pictures and stories forthcoming! But I do love Fall and Fall foods and cooking. So, I came up with a new tradition. I decided to have a […]

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Last Meal Dinner Party

We had a fabulous time on Saturday night! We had a Halloween dinner party. For Halloween, the decorations and setting the stage is essential. We had spooky cloth and candles all around the house. The chandeliers’ bulbs were replaced with flicker light to resemble candlelight. It was a pot luck […]



I was thinking this morning that our parties have really started to change as the house little gets older. I like trying new things and having more “mature” parties but I have to say, my favorite party was when he turned 4. Pirates was the theme…and it was really pretty […]

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More on Halloween…

As I mentioned last week, we are BIG Halloween fans. Last year, we made a switch in our annual celebration. Instead of having an afternoon kids’ party, we decided to have a dinner. It was such a fun change! We decided to invest in a real set of Halloween dishes, […]

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October means Halloween

We love Halloween. I mean LOVE. We have way more decorations for Halloween than we do for any other holiday, including Christmas. Now that the little is 9, we do a more grown up party which I will tell you about in the next few weeks, but in years past, […]