My career began in film production.  I started working on set as an Assistant Director and Line Producer on many independent feature films. From there I decided to focus my efforts on creative development and producing aspects of the filmmaking process.  I currently am producing both in television and feature film.

As much as I love film, like most of Hollywood, I had a case of ADD.  In 2000, I decided to go back to school to learn about food and nutrition.  I earned a certification as a Nutritional Consultant but I wanted to learn more about herbs and food as medicine and to aid in prevention.  So, I signed on to a program to become a Holistic Practitioner.  What the hell is that, you may be asking?  Well I got a foundation of knowledge of what and how to eat and what to eat for food, herbs and supplements.  After completing the program, I really started to cook and be very conscience of what I and others ate and the correlation to health.  It was about then that it clicked in my head to share my passion with family and friends.  The parties officially started.

I love my film job and my food and “catering” habit.  I have a mad case of wanderlust.  I love to travel and eat local food and drink.

Currently, I live in Los Angeles, with my friend/roommate and her nine year old son, and the best dog in the world.