The day after Christmas we set off to a get away in Finland. We booked the trip a while back, even before we made the move to Italy. I have to say I was becoming increasingly worried about freezing to death as the trip came closer. I was right. I did freeze but the trip was amazing. We were in Lapland and the snow was so beyond beautiful. The trees were unlike anything I have ever seen.

We sledded, we went on a reindeer safari, we trekked, and we snow mobiled. We had an amazing adventure. We did not see the Northern Lights as the weather had other plans but it gives us a good reason to go back.

Our hotel was great. We stayed at the Star Arctic Hotel It was at the top of the mountain so there was sledding right outside the door. The windows are huge to help you catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights if the weather allows and the staff is great. It works well for families too, as there is a loft and pull out bed downstairs so there’s room for everyone. We had the package with breakfast included and they had a nice Finnish spread. They definitely had something for everyone.

The food in Finland really surprised me. I was worried that I might have limited choices but it was right up my alley. The salmon was delicious and abundant. The artic char was tasty. What really surprised me were the berries. They are everywhere. The first meal out in Lapland we had frozen cranberries with warm caramel sauce. AMAZING. We had blueberry pie, berries on our yogurt for breakfast. The most glorious moment with berries however, was on the snow mobilling trip. It was cold. It was really, deeply cold and we missed lunch. So, we were hungry and cold. The guide pulled us off the trail for a bit and served us warm berry juice and ginger cookies. I have never, in my life, enjoyed juice like that moment. It was so delicious I wanted to steal the thermos for myself.