Italian holidays

The holidays are now over in Italy and I can tell you they were pretty fantastic.  Food and family are such vital parts of the culture here.   It was pretty amazing to be able to watch the holidays take place.  First of all, the lights in the city were stunning.  Each street is decorated according to what the residents choose and pay for so many of the streets have their own theme from stars to the symbol of Florence.  The streets are filled with people shopping and enjoying the chilly weather and time together.  The Christmas markets are filled with treats, decorations and mulled wine and cider.

It is not like the US here.  I had to prepare really well for all the meals from Christmas eve until the 26th because there was not a single store open.  I decided to try a new Italian dish for Christmas eve and do a bit of the US for Christmas day.  It was a pretty great  couple of days, cooking, eating, relaxing and enjoying the season.

Here was my menu:

Christmas Eve dinner

Barolo Roast

Garlic and pine nut green beans

Roasted Potatoes

Wine – Barolo

Dessert – Tiramisu



Christmas breakfast



Christmas lunch

Charcuterie and cheese platter


Wine – Prosecco


Christmas Dinner

Baked camembert and toast

Chestnut soup

Roasted Turkey

Traditional Stuffing

Orange glazed carrots

Salad with walnuts, pears, blue cheese

Wine – Tignanello, 2014

Dessert – Chocolate mint brownies and fudge