Fall in Florence

Not since I was 7 years old have a lived in a place that truly has four seasons.  Los Angeles’ weather remains pretty constant throughout the year.  So, experiencing my first Fall in Tuscany is pretty amazing.  The trees are turning and temperature has dropped to the 40s and 50s during the day.  One of the most fun parts of the season here is the food.  The seasonal food so a bit different here and I love to try it all!  First of all, the 2017 olive oil is just being released.  There are tastings all over the area to try the fresh oil.  There are few things better than warm bread and fresh oil.  I have only tried a few so far but the oil does taste different.  It is fruity and green and delicious!   In addition to the oil, stores and markets are filled with fresh chestnuts, porcini mushrooms, peppers, new release cheeses with truffles, olives and grapes, and huge, beautiful persimmons.  I am looking forward to trying new things!