Well, I made it!  I am writing this at my desk in Florence, Italy!  I have so many things about food to share with you but let me start with my favorite tour so far.  We have friends here from the US and decided to take a few days to go down to the sea.  We rented a house with an amazing view in Serranto and planned our journey.  We decided on a tour that is a collaboration between four families.  One family owns a lemon farm and makes the most amazing limoncello.

Another family taught us all about making cheese.  I never knew that mozzarella is not mozzarella unless it is made from buffalo!!  Did you know that?!  Anyway, we watched a great demonstration of making mozzarella and ricotta.  We sampled literally 30 minute old cheese and it was incredible.

Another family has an olive farm where we tasted all sorts of infused olive oils from lemon and orange to rosemary.  They were delicious.

The last family was the owners of the pizzeria.  There we would make our own pizza and eat it served with wine from the next door neighbors.  They make it without sulfates.  At the pizzeria we stretched our dough and loaded them up with toppings.  The pizzas went in the pizza oven for 3 mins at 700 degree F.  They turned out great and delicious.  Such a fun and interesting day!!

Ps – I must give photo cred to Robin Stewart!  She captured all the great moments!! Thank you!