The End of the School Year

The last day of school for the house little was this past Friday.  I think he is very happy to have finished the third grade.  As I told everyone in a previous blog, we are moving to Florence, Italy next month, so this is not just an summer break from his friends but a “so long for now” to many.  This kid loves having parties as much as I do, so when he started talking about inflatables his mom and I knew he needed a small farewell party.

Now, left to his own devices, every single person he has ever met would be invited.  So, the mandate was, 6 of your closest friends from school for a casual swim and inflatable party.  He chose his six friends and asked for a velcor wall for the inflatable.  The food was his choice as well, so he picked hot dogs and cupcakes and I rounded out the menu….here it is:


Hot dogs

Crudites and hummus

Fruit plate

Chips and salsa

Pasta salad – mostly for the adults

Chocolate cupcakes


Juice boxes

Sangria – for adults


Just like any good kids movie, a good kids party, has good stuff for the adults.  I believe in feeding and drinking the adults so they enjoy themselves as much as the kids.  I don’t mean drinking irresponsibly, but they want a moment to enjoy themselves too.


Even though there were only 7 kids totally, we had a lifeguard.  It just makes life easier if someone is always keeping the kids safe, watching and knowing what to watch for…I highly recommend it even if you have good swimmers.


The party was a total success, mostly because of the fact that he had a lovely guest list.  The guest list is always what truly makes a party work and I have to say, everyone should have six friends as lovely as the six kids he chose.