Sushi Making Party

Ever since our trip to Japan, I have been fascinated by the art of sushi making.  When we took our class in Tokyo, the chef/teacher was so deliberate and seamless in each step of the process.  He had such a respect for the food, it was so cool to watch.


So, this weekend, we had a few friends over to have a sushi making party.  Now, that said, what we did on Saturday would have appalled a true sushi chef, but we really enjoyed trying (and failing) at making our own creations.


We got yellowtail, salmon and tuna from the local fish market, all sushi grade.  I made a couple batches of sushi rice.  We had seaweed and soy paper wraps and some options for veggies in the rolls, avocado, carrots, and cucumber.  We had plenty of soy sauce, wasabi and ginger as well.  As friend brought appetizers, edamane and shishito peppers.  Another guest brought mochi balls for dessert.

Each person’s place was set at the table with a mat, spoon for sushi rice, chopsticks and sake cup for the adults.

It was time to dig in…everyone had a great time creating their own sushi and/or rolls.  Some where not exactly pretty (mine) but we had a great time trying!  And even if they all didn’t look great, they still tasted great!!


Ps – I highly recommend Daiso.  It is a very inexpensive Japanese store.  Almost like a dollar store with all Japanese items.  Super fun to visit and find treasures.


We also hit the local Japanese market.  They have great authentic Japanese food and ingredients.  If you have one nearby, take advantage of it!!