This year in Southern California we have finally been blessed with quite a bit of rain.  Everything is blooming!  The flowers are really amazing.  Also, since I have been stuck in the house a lot with my hip recovery, I was so excited for our Easter egg hunt and brunch.  I really wanted to showcase flowers and Spring just as much as the food.


The decorations:

Here are the centerpieces and flowers arrangements I tried out.  I was really happy with all of them.  The peep arrangement was cute.  The water turned a lovely yellow from the food coloring but the peeps lose color so next time I will put that arrangement together last minute.  The tiered centerpiece was so fun to make.  I got to play with left over flowers and citrus and hide my own special additions.  This one is fun to do with the kids.

The Hunt:

Egg hunting is not just for kids in our house!  We do the traditional candy treats but we also do lottery tickets and dollar bills.   I love when everyone gets involved in the hunting!


The Food:

Here was our menu:

Bagels and various cream cheeses and lunch meats

Monkey bread

Fruit salad

Veggie frittata

Devil eggs (I used Greek yogurt instead of mayo this year, some were fans, some not)

Cheesy ham and hash browns – RECIPE HERE

Carrot Mint Salad – my fav dish of the day! – RECIPE HERE


For dessert – an amazing friend made this!  Amazing right?