Finding a groove…

I mentioned previously that I had a hip replacement just before the holidays. The recovery has been much longer and more difficult than I anticipated.  Now, I am starting to get back to some exercise and am much more mobile. I have been struggling a bit with food.  Just after surgery, I had no appetite. I ate because I knew I should and it was usually a piece of fruit or something portable out of a box.  I had holiday gift baskets filled with treats that often were my food for the day.  I really didn’t do much cooking until the last few weeks. So, now, my appetite is back and I am starting to move a bit more but, I am starting to struggle with making good choices. I feel bloated and gross a lot of the time. I work from home and have to stop myself from wanting an easy, unhealthy, quick bite.  I always cook a fairly healthy dinner but during the day I get a little lazy with food.  This week I am really trying to cut back on carbs and cook, or at least prepare, fresh food for every meal.   I also MUST get over my sweet tooth! Its terrible and not helping my cause!
Here is my food so far for today…


For breakfast: scrambled eggs with tomato and mushrooms wrapped in a chard leaf instead of a tortilla.

Lunch: leftover veggie chili (recipe below)

I have also started making what I affectionately refer to as “witches brew” (recipe below) before bed.


Wish me luck!!