Thanksgiving in Japan

I think I mentioned in a previous blog that I would be travelling for Thanksgiving.  We decided to celebrate this year in Japan.  We spent most of our time in Tokyo and about 24 hours in Kyoto.  We had a fantastic time.  Japan is so different from anywhere else I have ever been before.  We had a lot of great experiences but I am sure it will come as no shock, but one of my favorite things about the trip revolved around food!!

We booked a tour of the outer fish market in Tokyo and it was followed by a sushi making course.  The fish market was crazy and amazing.  I don’t speak a bit of Japanese so many of the items on display and for sale were a mystery to me but there were streets and streets full of so many kinds of fish, stalls for eating and kitchen items.   There was everything from sushi to jerky and mochi to ice cream.  The streets were crammed with people trying to find the best items at the best price.   It was fascinating.img_1392img_1432img_1387img_1370img_1424img_1376img_1394img_1411

Next, it was off to make sushi.  Our class was in a traditional sushi restaurant where we removed our shoes and sat on the floor.  The chef/teacher began by filleting a sea bream.  It was crazy how easy he made it look.  His movements were so precise but looked so effortless.  Next he showed us how to assemble a roll and sushi.  Everything seemed down to a science; the ratio of rice to fish, the method of letting the rice “breathe” etc.  I was struck by the ritual and respect that he showed for the food.  Specific fingers and hand positions are used for each step of the process.   The end product certainly tasted better than it looked but I will definitely practice at home too.  So much fun!img_1463img_1453fullsizerender-6img_1454fullsizerender-7img_1465