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When in Rome… . or at least close….

I am rapidly approaching the two month mark for living in Italy.  It has been pretty fabulous.  There have been a lot of changes, lessons and challenges.  Let’s be honest, food is as much a part of the Italian culture as it is for Plates and Parties!  Everyday in Italy […]

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Well, I made it!  I am writing this at my desk in Florence, Italy!  I have so many things about food to share with you but let me start with my favorite tour so far.  We have friends here from the US and decided to take a few days to […]

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The End of the School Year

The last day of school for the house little was this past Friday.  I think he is very happy to have finished the third grade.  As I told everyone in a previous blog, we are moving to Florence, Italy next month, so this is not just an summer break from […]

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I am so excited to share that I am taking Plates and Parties on the road!  Starting in early July, I will be driving across country and bringing you all the food, drink and adventure I can!  The road trip will end with me moving to…wait for it….Florence Italy.  I […]


Sushi Making Party

Ever since our trip to Japan, I have been fascinated by the art of sushi making.  When we took our class in Tokyo, the chef/teacher was so deliberate and seamless in each step of the process.  He had such a respect for the food, it was so cool to watch. […]

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Mothers Day Brunch

My Mother’s Day tradition is to host a single mom’s brunch at the house.  This year was no exception.  The new addition this year was that we celebrated two birthdays in addition to Mother’s Day so we had a birthday cake for dessert and afterward we all did an escape […]

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Cook off

I love cooking competition shows.  It is on my bucket list to go to one of the Top Chef events and be able to taste and judge the contestants food.  But, in the meantime, I like practicing.  Five of us decided to have our own cook off.  Each person randomly […]

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This year in Southern California we have finally been blessed with quite a bit of rain.  Everything is blooming!  The flowers are really amazing.  Also, since I have been stuck in the house a lot with my hip recovery, I was so excited for our Easter egg hunt and brunch.  […]

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St Patrick’s Day

A few years ago, I was making my annual St Patrick’s Day dinner of corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. My nephew was over and when he decided to stay for dinner, we called his mother/my sister and told the rest of the family to come for dinner as well. […]


Finding a groove…

I mentioned previously that I had a hip replacement just before the holidays. The recovery has been much longer and more difficult than I anticipated.  Now, I am starting to get back to some exercise and am much more mobile. I have been struggling a bit with food.  Just after […]